SMS function plays a very important role in this software for notification and proof of transaction.

Easy solution
Accounting Inventory Invoice

What if you get all your business related problems solved at once? EasyEBilling provides you one stop solution for all your accounting problems. Our packages contain varieties of features that will allow you to manage your business easily. inventory management, sales, invoice, warranty records, barcode generate are some of the mostly used features of this software.

Sales Feature

Our Sales & Inventory software facilitated with maximum relevant features that will help you easily manage your business. Those features are the following; regular sales, sales report, sales return, sales return report, sales by qr code, qr code sales report, qr code sales return, qr code sales return report, sales order, sales order report, customize setting from the profile- sales unit type- pieces / kg / liter, sales less type- amount / percentage, sales receivable type- cash / due, regular sales print type- pos printer / a4 page / a5 page, sales button- sales order / sales submit.

Purchase Reports

Purchase is a dominant factor in any inventory management system because it affects the inventory count directly. That's why our software provides a sound purchase records with following features; purchase, purchase report, purchase return, purchase return report, purchase order, purchase order report, customize setting from the profile- purchase less type- amount / percentage, purchase payable type- cash / due, purchase button- purchase order / purchase submit.

Customer & Supplier

In many product oriented businesses individual customer and supplier transactions ought to be maintained separately. Customer and supplier accounts are also directly involved in sales return and purchase return. That is why we feel the urgency to maintain dedicated flawless customer and supplier accounts with the following features: Create customer & supplier; Customer & supplier opening balance; Customer & supplier balance report; Customer & supplier detail; Transaction reports.

Opening Balance (Cash & Bank)

It is necessary to include your cash in hand and funds in the bank amount to the software, so that software can provide a perfect account scenario. cash opening balance, bank opening balance, opening stock, customer & supplier opening balance, cash bank advance facility, bank cash account, bank loan account,create new bank.

Owners Equity

Both in sole proprietor & Partnership business It's a common phenomenon that owners or partners often or occasionally take money from business for their personal necessity. These transactions must be recorded accordingly so that it can be adjusted in the accounts. Owner's equity opening balance; Owner lone account makes sure of flawless Owner’s Equity adjustment.

Product Categories and Item

Product categories and item selection is a key factor in an inventory management system. EasyEBilling ensures the easiest & accurate product count along with their respective categories. Some of the features in this segment are, Create Product Category & Product Item, Opening Stock, Opening Stock Report, Total Stock, Stock Report, Product History Report.

Payable & Receivable

In almost every business there is always an amount payable and receivable factors. Wouldn't it be if the software keeps records of all the payables and receivables? & adjust their account according to ongoing transactions automatically. Our software provides features such as: Accounts Payable, Payable Amount Report, Accounts Receivable, Receivable Amount Report, Accounts Receipt & Payment Statement.

QR Code & Barcode

QR code and barcode plays an effective role both in fast sales & inventory management. That's why we have included QR Code and Barcode service to our software. With our software you will be able to generate customised QR code and Barcode with your product details and company name.


Chart of accounts, debit voucher, debit voucher report, credit voucher, credit voucher report, cash & bank statement, cash & bank transfer, cash & bank transfer report, journal voucher, journal voucher report, ledger list, additional ledger list, ledger detail report trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss account.

Software user control

Create role, role permission, create user/employee, assign a role in an employee

Special features

Company logo input facility,
Warranty- warranty with serial / warranty without serial
Decimal places- .00 / .000 / .0000
Receipt print with header footer & without header footer
Product stock alert
Change Country wise currency
Currency type- currency symbol / currency code
Authorized signature- by default or customize
Show current balance in an invoice
Change country wise language
Data clear facility with security code
SMS facility
Payment gateway
Email facility